Monday, September 13, 2010

It begins...

It's been awhile since i wrote on here. School's back in session, homework's starting to pile up plus applications aren't going to write themselves(neither will SATs for that matter...). I'm juggling a lot but apart from a constant sleepiness, so far I've been successful with it. I wrote the last song that'll be on the new mixtape and i'm all set to really go back into the booth and come out with something special. I'll probably be somewhat M.I.A for the next one and a half months as a result, but when i'm back, let's just say i'll be staying awhile. 17/17 songs written. 0/17 songs recorded. It's time to get back to work... By the way, here's the last random freeverse. Until the next, have fun in school haha. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Right After The Cycle:"Hold Onto Your Dreams Till They Come True"

There's something that I've always taken a bit of pride in. That is, until the past few days. I'm talking about writer's block. I've always stated that i never get writer's block because i always have a defined purpose in mind when i'm about to write a song. But recently, i had the idea perfectly formed in my head but the "right" words wouldn't come... Sure i could have written the song but it just didn't feel right. And whenever that happened these past few days, i went into a sort of emotional slump. It's times like that that make you start to doubt your abilities, and basically what the hell you're planning to do with your life. Thinking like that never helps because then your mental demons take hold and you might never recover from writer's block as quickly as you could have. After a short nap, what i did was just go back to my old rhyme books and look over old stuff and even the new songs no one's heard yet. It made me realize that all this writing and rewriting, this practicing, all of this is definitely leading up to something and that nothing anyone puts so much effort in ever goes to waste.
12 songs written. 7 more to go.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Journal #1: Right After The Cycle

I think it's finally time to reopen the blog posts now. The Cycle was out officially on August 6, it's been 2 weeks exactly, and i'm glad that i've gotten reviews that my technique has improved. Still, there's still a long way to go, and right now, i'm a lot hungrier than before because now i know i really have something to prove. I'm inspired by the quote "third time's the charm", and i'm rapping harder than ever because in many ways, my next project is a true maturation of my character, something that i'm only truly beginning to understand now. In a few months, i'll turn 17 and when that day comes, i want to have music that proves that i'm here to stay. I thank everyone who actually listened to The Cycle back to back...lots of hip hop heads(including myself) are guilty of downloading tons of mixtapes that they never get around to and i hope everyone enjoys the last days of their summer,i know this one will forever be embedded in my mind.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

M.L.T Presents THE -----?

yup yup!!!!it's been awhile but i've got GOOD NEWS!today's the day the album's gonna be completed!!13 tracks...just 13 tracks of excellence. I won't give the title yet, but let's just say it relates to the flow of life in general. Right now i'm in freezing Argentina(it's winter here.great summer right??) and i'm not complaining. I love this city and in my third tape, i'm gonna talk a bit about my second home, referencing its good and bad qualities. That's it for now guysss. Have A GREAT SUMMER!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

Wow, been awhile hasn't it? Its almost two in the morning and it's time to update some ish. The new mixtape is fully recorded and about 4 tracks have been completely mixed...i love this cycle, it's like take a look all over again, except now i'm a whole lot better and life's a whole lot more different...BUT that's for the third mixtape lol, there's nothing personal on this way just a story... a "tragic" story. peace and good night!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Next Mixtape Is As Good As Finished...

But i'm not ready to put it out yet. I knew it wasn't gonna be long, but i went into this writing frenzy and i've come up with a tape way better than Take A Look... lyrically, i bring it on every track, so it's gonna be hard picking the best...oh yeah there's a track produced by me too, way back when.if you haven't already, give Take A Look... a listen!guaranteed dopeness!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I thought i ended this on A Typical Day but now it's looking like i've got more to say...

Hey y'all! now if you've listened to A Typical Day on the mixtape(and if you haven't...why are you reading this?the RapUp is so much better...) you probably realized, i got rejected by this girl and i felt so terrible about it that i made an almost 5-minute song on the issue. Actually, i thought that part of my life was's been officially reopened. You would think that after a year, i'd have been done with this business but nope, it keeps calling me back. I'm thinking there's gonna be A Typical Day part two except on a way more stepped up lyrical level. I've officially passed 30 downloads on the tape! A 100 downloads is def still a possibility...