Monday, September 13, 2010

It begins...

It's been awhile since i wrote on here. School's back in session, homework's starting to pile up plus applications aren't going to write themselves(neither will SATs for that matter...). I'm juggling a lot but apart from a constant sleepiness, so far I've been successful with it. I wrote the last song that'll be on the new mixtape and i'm all set to really go back into the booth and come out with something special. I'll probably be somewhat M.I.A for the next one and a half months as a result, but when i'm back, let's just say i'll be staying awhile. 17/17 songs written. 0/17 songs recorded. It's time to get back to work... By the way, here's the last random freeverse. Until the next, have fun in school haha. Enjoy.

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