Saturday, August 28, 2010

Right After The Cycle:"Hold Onto Your Dreams Till They Come True"

There's something that I've always taken a bit of pride in. That is, until the past few days. I'm talking about writer's block. I've always stated that i never get writer's block because i always have a defined purpose in mind when i'm about to write a song. But recently, i had the idea perfectly formed in my head but the "right" words wouldn't come... Sure i could have written the song but it just didn't feel right. And whenever that happened these past few days, i went into a sort of emotional slump. It's times like that that make you start to doubt your abilities, and basically what the hell you're planning to do with your life. Thinking like that never helps because then your mental demons take hold and you might never recover from writer's block as quickly as you could have. After a short nap, what i did was just go back to my old rhyme books and look over old stuff and even the new songs no one's heard yet. It made me realize that all this writing and rewriting, this practicing, all of this is definitely leading up to something and that nothing anyone puts so much effort in ever goes to waste.
12 songs written. 7 more to go.

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